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The Workplace Wellness Question

by: | December 7, 2016

“So let us move the discussion away from whether workplace wellness programs are appropriate and toward how they should be structured and carried out.”

As business owners, we should be past the point of pondering whether or not workplace wellness is of values to our employees. Why? Because there are studies out there that tell us that focusing on both the health and well-being of our workforce is advantageous to both employee and employer.

Integrating programs that encourage employee wellness into a space where they spend the majority of their time (work!) seems like a no-brainer, and is the first step to producing a happier, healthier workforce.

And when your staff members are of healthy body and mind, your costs go down—that’s because they’re focusing on their overall well-being, and in turn, using fewer medical services and incurring fewer health-related expenses.

It’s high time, then, that we start considering the really important questions: What can we do to make workplace wellness programs really work? How do we get our staff to prioritize their health at home and at work. How can we encourage them to take advantage of the lifestyle benefits we are offering?

These are the questions we should be asking.

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