How I Joined the 5 O’Clock Club… Reluctantly

by: | October 28, 2016

Just over three months ago, I shared this on Facebook:

“My daughter has been waking me up at 5AM for the past 2 weeks!
Option 1: Complain so that people feel sorry for me.

Option 2: Get my workout in before the rest of the family wakes up.

This morning I chose option 2 – and it’s 6:30AM. I’ve already accomplished so much! I feel amazing and ready to focus on my day.”

It turns out my post got a lot of likes. I know you’re rolling your eyes right now. What’s the big deal about waking up early?

The 5 O’Clock Club was coined by Robin Sharma and he offers these practical tips to help people get up early:

  • Don’t eat after 7PM
  • Exercise
  • Set goals
  • Don’t lounge after the alarm goes off

On that day, just three months ago, I made the choice to wake up and invest in myself. Now, every morning at 5AM I am faced with the exact same choice.

It’s finally become easier. It doesn’t even really feel like a choice anymore. It’s what I do.

Getting up at 5AM was the first part, but what happens between 5AM and 8AM is why I continue to make that choice every morning. I exercise, I plan my day, I think about my own goals, I do a bit of housework. The things I used to put off because I didn’t have the time now happen before 8AM.

It’s the end of January. Many of you have New Year’s resolutions that you are still working on, or may have already abandoned. It doesn’t matter what resolution or change you are working on. The decision to move towards or away from your goals is yours to make. Just remember it takes 66 days for an activity to become a habit. We are 28 days into January so don’t give up yet. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your next step towards achieving your New Year’s resolution:

  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions – There are countless choices every day that can move you towards or away from your goal. Ask yourself: What are all the choices that affect my goal?
  2. Track your progress (even if it’s a tiny step) – I’m an extrovert, so sharing my progress on Facebook excited and kept me motivated. Ask yourself: What has surprised me about this journey? What am I happy about so far?
  3. It’s a personal journey – Most people take 66 days to develop a habit, I took over 90 to join the 5 O’Clock Club. The point is I did it! Don’t compare yourself to others. Ask yourself: How is this making my life different?
  4. Celebrate – Since joining the 5 O’Clock Club, some amazing things have happened to me and I’ve rewarded myself with some new clothes (on a side note, most of my pants were too big due to my new 5AM exercise routine). Ask yourself: How can I celebrate my first week? Month? Year?

Good luck! If you ever need help, reach out to me on League.

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