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Canadians, confidence and our so-called “innovation problem”

by: | November 25, 2016

Okay, we have to say it. If it is indeed true that our lack of confidence as a nation has impacted our chances at succeeding in international business, we’re sorry.

According to this article in The Walrus, that’s where one piece of the Canadian innovation problem lies. In our confidence (or lack of).

“While Canadians had the reputation of being competent engineers, we couldn’t market ourselves out of a paper bag—which is why, even today, we don’t have a single corporate brand among the world’s top 100.”

But we’re here to argue that maybe, just maybe, we—the nation of polite and overly apologetic people—are more confident than meets the eye.

Take the founders of successful startups like Shopify or our very own League. These guys are dripping in confidence. And they aren’t apologetic about it. In fact, League founder Michael Serbinis not-so-secretly enjoys being called a “shark.”

While innovation in Canada may still need a bit more attention, the good news is that successful Canadian founders are doing just that. They’re coming together to help the next generation of entrepreneurs really take off internationally. And it’s really inspiring to see how they are getting involved.

Read the full article: Solving Canada’s Innovation Problem

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